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It sounds cool, but what makes Floc so unique?

Your trusted friends and family make Floc unique. Only people you invite can be part of one your trusted Flocs. That means only people you know and trust can drive your kids. Floc isn’t an on-demand ride service—there are no hired drivers. It’s a “Hey Floc friend, can you get my kid when I’m in a pinch” favor for you. But we’ve made it even easier to ask. And to return the favor with a gift card delivered right to your Floc friend’s phone. It’s not required—but it is kinda cool.

What payment processing platform does Floc use?

Floc is based on trust, simplicity and security. And so is our payment processing partner, BlueSnap®. As they describe it, their
“all-in-onePayment Platform helps businesses support online and mobile sales, marketplaces, subscriptions, invoice payments and manual orders through a virtual terminal with access to built-in, world-class fraud prevention to protect transactions.” in other words, you can be sure your information meets the highest levels of compliance and is safe and secure. For more information, visit https://home.bluesnap.com/legal/pci-dss-compliance/

For more information regarding Floc’s Privacy Policy, visit www.myFlocapp.com/privacy

Where do the gift cards Floc offers come from?

Floc partners with Giftbit, a digital rewards platform operating a digital gift card marketplace, that allows merchants to distribute digital gift codes via a mobile API. Floc pre-funds a pool of digital codes for which Floc users to choose from. For more information regarding Giftbit’s business model, visit https://www.giftbit.com/

Why are the gift card denominations pre-set at $10?

Let’s face it—no one wants to accept money from friends or family for doing a favor. But a cup of coffee, yeah that’ll work. While $10 seems like a lot, it feels like the right amount of “gift” to give someone who’s helping you out in a pinch—someone you know you can really trust. Their generosity, and your peace of mind knowing your kid is safe and sound—that’s worth everything.

How did you select the cards offered?

Gift cards for our launch were based on two things: their popularity—and a gut instinct that says that’s just about all your Floc friends and family will accept from you!  You know, because they’re awesome! We do have plans to add more localized gift cards in the future, though. Because your favorite coffee just might come from a shop and not corporation, right?

Can multiple members within a Floc contribute to a gift card for another member-driver?

That would be very cool of everyone in your Floc—we knew your peeps were awesome. As of now, only one Floc member, the ride requester, can send a gift code to a driver. But that’s a great idea and may change in the future.

I can’t access my gift card, what should I do?

Rewards are provided by our third-party partner, GiftBit. Should a dispute arise regarding a Reward that is not received for a completed ride or a Reward that is charged for a ride that is not provided remain unresolved, and the member notifies Floc within ten (10) days, Floc will take reasonable efforts to try and help resolve the dispute between you, the member, and our third-party partner, GiftBit.

The total cost to the requester is $10 for the gift card, plus $3 in processing fees. What’s up with the extra three bucks?

It seems extreme, but if you choose to use it, those three dollars really help Floc operate. It covers fees for third-party operating costs, our third-party payment processing partner, and our third-party database hosting service. It also allows us to pre-fund our gift card pool from our third-party gift card merchant partner, Giftbit. We use what’s left over to keep the lights on

What makes Floc a communication platform and not a ride share service?

We think Floc is a pretty cool app. But it’s really not new. It takes the long-standing tradition of asking your trusted friends and family for help getting your kids where they need to go and makes it even easier to connect and reward each other. Unlike ride share services, Floc does not employ or recommend drivers—ever.That’s all up to you. And that’s how Floc delivers what ride share services operated by strangers simply can’t — trusted rides from friends and families.

What happens if my kid doesn’t get picked up?

Well, hopefully that never happens—that’s what your trusted friends and family are there to help you manage! But since your Floc driver is a trusted friend or family member, contact them immediately via text, phone or email. You should also send out another quick Floc request to other trusted Floc members for help.

Who do I contact for technical support or other questions?

For technical support and other questions, email us or visit floc.drift.help

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